In need of a writing partner πŸ’™

Hello there :blush:
I am in need of a writing partner to help me
I already have one but we all have lives so sometimes she or I can’t write
That person has to be with me for at least two months ( preferred to be at all the story)
If you are interested leave a comment below :grin:
If you need more information don’t be afraid to ask with a comment
Love Katy :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Hi, can you tell me what writing partner should to do?

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He/she should write 1 or 2 or more scenes of an episode and then move on to the episode and when we publish at least 2 episodes take two or maybe 4 days off BUT I don’t rush people so one episode could take 1 week to be finished
BUT remember that I don’t rush people
We all have a life

If you want to join leave your Instagram below if you don’t have Instagram it’s not a problem :blush: