Is anybody able to make to make me an easy, quick animated intro?

My plan was to do this:… So the words would already be there and the camera would start really close up before slowly zooming out. Than a gold crown would drop down along with that whistle sound? Idk if thats even possible :joy: but yeah that sound that indicates that somethings paling really fast. Then when it lands a small cloud of dust comes and the sound of a small thud???..

I can go into more detail if needed and I’ll link the words, background and crown below. Thank you xx

Oh and I want the crown to land in this position with the words:

Thank you xx

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What exactly do you mean? What is it for?

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My story. I wanted an animated intro for the start…

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Hmm, I don’t really know how to do that. Sorry. But I could help with something else to do with the story if you want. I think the intro is a good idea.

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Thanks and sure… What can you help with again?

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So you want the crown overlay to drop into the position above?

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Yeah :slightly_smiling_face:

oh thats easy, want me to help?

Really?! That would be amazing!!! Thank you, yes please

ok! So where on the screen do you want the title and crown to be?

Dead smack in the middle

:joy: alrighty then ill get started now

thank you so much


I know how to do it, that’s really easy

Um… I can help with writing and idea’s.