In Need Of An Art Cover, Help Please!

Hello! I am looking for someone who would be willing to create an art cover for my story! I have drawn an outline in pencil! I am in dire need :grin:

no app just does that, they color it, by drawing,

also if you made sketch maybe post it, people tend to help more, when they know what they sign up for.

thank you! I am new to all of this, I have seen videos where people use apps that have like colors on it and they create a drawing on the app.

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do you mean like in this video

Yes! Exactly! I have no idea how people do this! When I look at art covers, I am just shocked and in awe because people are so creative!

its practice, practise, practise, and some lessons, and then more practise. and guess, what practise. if you wanna be good at art, you put time into it. you do it, often, and yes it will be bad at the start, but you will get better by keep doing it