In need of an art scene as soon as possible!

I’m hoping to release a chapter of my story before the end of January but need an art scene for it.
Would anyone be willing to make me one?

Here are the character details + outfits:

Character Details/outfits

I want it to be exactly like this reference image:


I’d like them both to be placed from left to right: Kaliris, Adrian

This is the background:


(I want most of it and the entire art scene for that matter to be covered in mist/fog so I would like for the lighting to be dark)

Extra Details: I only need it to be one zone.

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edit: edited or drawn works.

R u thinking of paying

I’d want it to be free,…

I don’t do free but many art shops does but not many does drawn tbh

yeah I noticed! If anything I wouldn’t mind edited

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BTW if u haven’t got the art scene u should enter my outline contest if u win I can do draw art or eddited cover
Check this out

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thank you, I might check it out!!

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can @Sydney_H close this thread?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: