In need of an art scene asap

Hi I need an art scene done for my story :pleading_face:. If anyone is willing to do so please private message me your examples of your art it would be so much appreciated.

what I need
My character in my story Damon will be in a fetus position (not sure if you’ve heard of it😅) but he will be covered in bruises as the MC walks in the door.
Damons character details
Skin tone : Taupe
Brows : thin arch
Hair: short cropped hair/black
Eyes : classic round/ green
Face : define triangle
Nose : Button
Lips : Classic

**Addition Information **
•Since he of course has bruises I personally think it’ll be resonance if his hair is messy
•his outfit is black tight pants, V-neck T-shirt (black), casual suit jacket grey, and black boat shoes.
•the image :

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hi there. i’m not that expert but what are you looking for in the art scene AlissaNicole?

Hey is it possible that you could put the details on here? I’m up for doing it but some are too much and I don’t want to give any false hope if it is too much work for me.

Of course I’ll put the details :slight_smile:

I will put the details in a sec :relieved:

thank you

The details are up lmk if you need to know anything else

The addition details are up lmk if you need to know anything else

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cool. i’ll work my magic and send a sample. by when do you need it though?

I don’t need it right away right away. Take all the time you need

cool. I’m new to this but i’ll try my best. :slight_smile:

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Well if the other person is doing it, there’s no need for me but if they can’t do it just lmk!

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Of course I’ll let you know !!

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