In need of an art scene, can someone help?

Someone who can help me out with an art scene? :pray:

what would you need?

A girl who stands up at a wall and a boy who stands rear and looking her in their eyes, they are very close to kiss so they are standing very close and the boy’s one arm in placed at the wall and she has one arm around him. Can you help? :pray: :sweat_smile:

Something like this

I can try but how fast would you need it?

No rush, you can just take your time :smile:

okay I’ll try my best :slight_smile:
I just need the character details

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The girl:

Skin tone: Caramel
Brows: Medium Curved
Hair: Grey, Beach Wave Hair
Eyes: Hickory, Upturned Feline
Face: Defined Heart
Nose: Elven
Lips: blush, Full Round

The boy:

Skintone: Toffee
Brows: Bushy wide
Hair: Cayenne, Short Cropped Hair
Eyes: Green, Athletic Round
face: Chiseled Square
nose: Button
lips: Mocha, Small Round

And if they could have these outfit on

I hope you like it, please give credit on my insta @epy.larax :slight_smile:


OMG wowowiwiw :rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose: