In need of an Art Scene creator please

I need an art scene creator because i cant draw at all and i really want to incorporate art scenes in my story. Can anyone create some for me please?:pray:


I could help!

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Really? Thank you! Do you have any examples of your work?

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Examples: :crazy_face:

Do you have a limit of how many characters you can draw on one?

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Usually 4 is my max.

Yes! Thank you! Ive been looking for one who can do one with 4 but all of the creators ive talked to have a max of 3

Is it in ink or Limelight?


Okay then I can do it.

Please give the following:

Character details
Pose reference
Tattoos, piercings or jewelry

Character Details
Body- Tan
Brow- Thin Arch
Hair- Short Cropped Hair (Black)
Eyes- Classic Round (Green)
Face- Defined Triangle
Nose- Button
Lips- Classic (Terracotta)

Body- Taupe
Brow- Thick Arch
Hair- Spiked Up Hair (Black)
Eyes- Classic Round (Blue)
Face- Diamond
Nose- Button
Lips- Classic (Taupe)

Brow- Defined Natural
Hair- Straight (Black)
Eyes- Upturned Bold (Green)
Face- Oval
Nose- Elven
Lips- Classic (Bordeaux)

Body- Light
Brow- Medium Angled
Hair- Diva Curls (Blonde)
Eyes- Upturned Feline (Blue)
Face- Soft Heart
Nose- Elven
Lips- Blossom Lips (Cherry Red)

Character Detail Outfits
Jason’s Outfit
Ripped Punk Pants
Stitch Boots (Black)
Black Indian Tank

Ace’s Outfit
Ripped Punk Pants
VNeck Tshirt (Black)
Stitch Boots (Black)

Amiee’s Outfit
Slit Skirt (Black)
Black Ridged Moto Jacket
Dark Red with Gold Zipped Crop Top
Black Military Chic Boots
Black Boho Feather Earrings

Hanna’s Outfit
Black Ridged Moto Jacket
Black Suspender Pants
Black Sequin Crop Top
Black Chelsea Boots and Socks

Pose Reference
Jason (back left) and Hanna(back right) are in the back pointing guns at each other
Ace (Left) and Amiee (Right) are angry with their arms crossed

Im not sure what you mean by that

Any image you like of dark new york alley

Tattoos And Piercings
On Ace i want a sleeve tattoo (if you make the tattoo just put a bunch of tattoos together to make a sleeve because i wouldnt be able to decide, but if its the lady rose tattoo thats fine)
On Ace diamond earrings
On Jason a sleeve tattoo as well
On Jason diamond earrings too

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Drawn or edited? Time frame?

drawn and no time frame take your time