In need of an art scene for my story

hi! is there someone who can make an art scene for me?

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Episode diamonds would love to help


here is our recent art scene

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What are the deatils

this is perfect, who did this?

One of our member anitika did it (sorry if I spelled your name wrong)

Hi friend. We could do it. @annaclaire721 @granolias @girllykann

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can you @ her?

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@Ankita someone need a art scene

@jandii we have already given you art, if you don’t like it tell us what we can fix please!

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want to see more examples

i haven’t received it yet, and this is for something different :blush: i LOVE the cover you made, i just haven’t received it


here is a digtal art she made

Ooh. Sorry about that. Well have it done immediately

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Oh ok, I misunderstood. Sorry about that.

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We could do your art scene too. We apologize. Ur awesome Jand!

heres another one

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it’s totally okay!

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also this