In need of an art scene for my story

i messaged her :blush:

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also this

thank you honey! i’ll let you know if this doesn’t work out :blush: i appreciate what ya’ll do!

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Np Jand. We’re glad to help.

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i believe i have a cover coming from @granolias, correct?

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she can not do it at the moment due to personal circumstances but we have many other artists that can help

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I can make it

what are the deatils

is there someone similar to her style? i loved her cover so much



Episode diamonds can what are the deatils

Can I see the cover? I might be able to help

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it looks like this, :blush:


ok sure

can i see your work?

I don’t but my group does

I could try this, although I’ve never tried before :joy:

Examples are here

is there someone with a lot like her style?

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yes there is