In need of an art scene please 🙏!


I really need an art scene for my story, here’s the deets!

Anyone interested plz reply!




Hii!! Are you looking for commissioned artists?? :heart: If you are, I would love to work with you :kissing_heart:

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Here are my prices❤️ for more examples visit my thread or pm me🙌🏻

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What are your prices?

I work on budgets, so whatever your budget is?

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Are u the artist of it as I don’t see a watermark and it’s not in original art resolution

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It’s AI. The app that they used is: Generate images with Dreamshaper online |


I thought of it being an ai but ai is slacking when it comes to details however the background includes too many tiny details that’s why I questioned. But idk myself too much as I never used one lol will try doing smth now

It’s definitely AI… just hover over the image and it even states the AI programme that was used to create it. :rofl: :joy: Maybe the user paid a subscription… which would explain why the quality is so good.

A few examples of AI generated “art”, that I found: [Which is crazy… since the details are perfect and certainly not lacking.]

AI Generated Art - Examples:

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OMG true im so blind thx :skull::skull::skull:

Well, i’m hoping for free art, I’m broke atm :melting_face:

Even if you’re looking for free art, don’t put AI art into your stories. First, do your research on how damaging AI is for artists and how it steals from their hard work. It may look cute and pretty, but it’s not real artwork.
Plus, using that in the episode community could a. violate the guidelines of copyright protection; b. get you a stigma for using it in general, as many artists and people in the community don’t agree with AI-generated things. You really don’t want either of it.

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I can for free if you what me to

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Thank you for the advice :blush:


Oh god this blew up real fast lol, this aint my art, never really said it was, she needed advice i gave advice on how the pose is, i do commissioned art from a long time, i pay for ai art, so i thought of generating one to help her, if you need more details about my work kindly visit here

I hope your doubts are clear @StoriesByRayna @Wraith.monke @Mi_writes
Now even I dont like AI art, but i like that it gives inspiration, so please let’s take it easy

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Im sorry if I offended you or said smth in a rude way, wasn’t my intention! So I hope the situation is cleared now❤️

Could you tag me when your shop is open?