In need of an art scene! plz?


Hello everyone!
I was wondering for my story ‘The Sugar Baby Experience’, could someone make an art scene. of the love interest in INT. CASTLE FOYER - NIGHT?

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Hola. Either Episode Studio or Episode Lovecan

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What poses did you want them in???


Just make it romantic I guess


Well I was wonder if she wanted him holding her from behind facing the camera like or what… lol I want it to be perfect…


Stop being rude and let the author decide who she wants to do her art scene…


ok, so not trying to get involved but, you know you guys are kinda ruining your groups reputation by fighting right?


I so agree… :neutral_face:


Yeah, it’s really stupid considering I’m in the Episode Amigos. And it’s like they’re insulting me or something


Hello! Sorry I’m late :joy:
So could I have them like, the man with his arms crossed.
And the woman with a hand on her hip.
I didn’t mention this earlier, however I branched my story so that there is a male love interest and a female one. So would it be possible if I can have one of each of the love interest?


Episode Diamond can


Yeah one of our members can do it


How fast do you need this done??


I’m sorry that it’s come to fighting, I really didn’t want it to end up like this.

But my friend got her art scene from spy diamonds and she recommended it. So I guess I’ll go with epy diamond.


Can you all please stop fighting over these so called “clients”, it’s honestly very immature and annoying. So much drama has started on the forums because of your groups. If you guys can’t be civil then there will be bigger problems in the future, problems bigger than who gets the “client”.
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Just to keep my reply on topic, I’m sorry that you are stuck in the middle of this @Colombe_N if you want some help you can PM me. :blue_heart:


Umm, maybe in the next 3 wish days, it would be great!


Okay great :slight_smile:


Thank you Kyralynn, I was really confused :joy:


A big thank you to everyone who came to the post! It means a lot that you guys love to work and help out authors. I hope that some point in the future, I can work with all of you!



No problem and thank you for letting us work with you :slight_smile: