In need of an art scene


Hey guys! I’m in need of an art scene for my story if anyone is up for the task please let me know.
Here are the details:
I want my male character to be holding a gun up to my female character, the female is crying and the male is having to look at the ground whilst pointing the gun at her.
The males details are:

The females details are:

if you could create them in them outfits that would be great, if not something similar.

The background is:

Thank you!


Episode Studio can make it for you. @jassie12dw wanna try


Hi, I’ve actually already asked her to do my cover. I don’t want to over work her lol.


Ok. I think either @JenniferH or @eden.episode can try


I can try :kissing_heart: Give me an hour or 2 since I’m eating dinner


I can try


Is it okay if I add smudged mascara to the crying girl? I want it to look realistic but I also don’t want to make her look TOO messy. What do you think?


It’s a work in progress and it’s SUPER zoomed in. Is it too dramatic?




And when boys cry they look like perfection. Girls have the messiest cries


Dw it looks better from a distance :sweat_smile:


Okay I’m finished @Pazzle


I’m sorry it’s so bad… I tried really hard though and I hope you like it. Tell me if I should change anything.


Thanks for the recommendation @brvnda:blush::blush::blush:


This is amazing, could you perhaps change it so her hair is down please as I completely forgot that it’s down in the scene. Thank you!


Okay I’ll do it later today if that’s okay. :relaxed:



It’s perfect, thank you!


I have a question for you. Did you just take @eden.episode’s art scene and add a filter and your watermark to it? That’s stealing you know.


Yeah… I don’t want to start drama or get off topic but this looks like you just added a filter to MY artwork