*In Need Of An Artist* Covers*Splashes*Art Scenes*

Hello, first of all thank you for clicking :slight_smile:

Lets get down to business shall we, I am looking for someone would wouldn’t mind being the featured artist in my story. Though I am still heads deep into the planning part of my story its better to get ahead on these things rather than wait until the end. I need someone who is willing to do covers, splashes, and art scenes for my story.

So if any of this sounds of any interest to you please feel free to PM me on here or send me an email to dazshasmothers@gmail.com and I will get back to you as fast as I can.


I can

I can help you!

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Hi thank you so much for responding, is there anyway I can get a sample of your work?

Hi, thank you so much for responding, is there anyway I can get some samples of your work?

Yes of course, I will pm you some example!

I can do splashes if it’s not taken yet. My art isn’t good enough to do art scenes yet and I don’t have much time for covers.

Alrighty tighty, thank you

Do you still need my help…?

Yes, I’m sorry I would love it if you did my cover. I will have to get back to you on the details later I unfortunately got called into work so I wont be able to respond for awhile.