In need of an artist for my clue contest submission

Hi! I’m writing a story for the Clue Contest and I’m in need of an artist who’s willing to do Art scenes and a Cover for Free. If you’re interested, DM me on Instagram but if you’re not on Insta, you can message me here on this Forum. Thanks in advance! :heart:

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Do you need it drawn or edited?

@Lexy_Ellen I need it drawn😀

Oh, ok. Well, that’s too bad, I can’t draw :joy: but you could request it here:

Lol ok
Thanks for the help…I’ll check it out

When I need an edit, I’ll contact you😉

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How u doing?

My Clue story is finally published!

The title is, Clue: The devil is in the details

This is the link and I’d be very happy if you could check it out🤗