In need of an artist for my INK story!

So, a while back, I said that I would do all the art scenes and ect myself but I fell out of art and took a VERY long break from drawing, I’m back and I’ve seen how unreal my thought was lol.

I’m looking for someone who is talented in art and can produce art scenes in about maybe at least 1 week, (just for time sake) I’m only 13 SO as you could imagine I can’t really pay you (and I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t be too happy if I wanted to pay for art for a game lol) BUT I WILL give you 100% credit (even put your name in the art scene if you would like (like ur artist watermark)) AND shout you out on all of my accounts. I’m legitematly so so sorry that I can’t pay anyone for their hard work, as I would love to, but once again I’m pretty young and don’t have an actual job YET. Please reply to this if you’re willing to make me art scenes! It would mean the absolute world to me!

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Go to artistic angels art thread.