In need of an artist 💕 (Front cover + **free** )

Heyy im looking for an artist who can draw me a front cover for my story for free :slight_smile:

(I know it is a lot to ask but I’m currently broke :sweat_smile:)

My story is in LL so I would like the front cover to be the same

There is 2 characters. I will list their descriptions below :grin:


GENDER- Female
SKIN TONE- rose 02
HAIR COLOUR- ginger red
EYEBROW COLOUR- chestnut brown
EYE COLOUR- deep blue
LIP COLOUR- peach gloss

HAIR- Long Updo Wavy Princess Braid
FACE SHAPE - Round Soft
EYEBROWS- Arched Thick Styled
EYES- Round Downturned Wide
NOSE- Round Button
LIPS- Full Heart Pouty
BODY SHAPE- Female Athletic Body


GENDER- male
SKIN TONE- rose 04
HAIR CLOUR- black dark
EYEBROW COLOUR- deep brown
LIP COLUR- rose light nude gloss

HAIR- Undercut Short Straight Texture
FACE SHAPE- Chiseled Angular
EYEBROWS- Straight Medium Scar
EYES- Monolid Slender
NOSE- Straight Pointed
LIPS- Medium Heart
BODY SHAPE- Male Athletic Body

(If i have missed anything just ask)


episode cover pose

I quite like this pose so if you are able to do it THANK YOU :two_hearts:

(also if you were wondering who is in which spot. Arden/the male is on the left and AILAINI/ the female is on the right )

If you are able to do this for me please say ( and sorry to ask but if possible maybe you could show a few examples of your drawings or if you have different styles :sweat_smile:)


I can do it, if you like the examples ( Sorry for the lack of LL edits…


i would more then like to help you but i don’t do drawn covers sorry
but these art shops i do belive do the first one is called cotton candy art shop
and petrichor artshop

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heyy thank you for offering I really appreciate it :two_hearts: but i currently have someone doing the cover for me sorry :pleading_face:

But did I check out your insta and I loved your art your so talented :slight_smile:

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I really need a front cover done for me! if anyone can please contact me on instagram my name is @episode.catt

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(I’ve had to reply to a post because I have no idea how to create a new topic) x

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Hi do you want it drawn or edited

Hey, I’m not entirely sure! I’m guessing drawn as that way the characters can be in different positions instead of the animations the give you xx

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Hey! I’m bored and I could take up requests. I have done similar poses, if you like any of the following ones feel free to tell me :’)



Hey there i don’t know to whom u r saying but i think u should reply to her text or mention her so she could know that somebody have messaged her otherwise she maybe won’t be able to know

don’t wanna sound rude😊

Just a suggestion
Cause i have been to similar situation and it sucks🥴

I was replying to the person who made the post.

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I can definitely do one for you from scratch and FREE but i only ask for credits since my story is flopping :blush:

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