IN NEED OF AN ARTIST! (Please help :))

Hello! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my post!
Anyways, I am creating my first episode story, (which is very exciting!), but I am not talented in the cover creation field, nor am I with any kind of art.
Please read the guidelines below for what kind of art I am looking for below!

  • Hand-drawn, realistic(-ish) art style,
  • Unique and personalized characters, (based on my story)
  • Work that matches the genre(s) of my story (which is “mystery” & “romance”)

If anyone is willing to draw a cover for me, please reach out!
Lol, I know that this list is demanding, but I am willing to give credit to the artist, and continue to use their work in my story (hopefully :))

:yellow_heart: -Thank you!


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Hey there, my commissions are open! I charge $30 USD for two people, waist up. Anything different than that (ie. less characters, extra characters, full body, neck up, etc.), we can work out a price we’re both comfortable with!


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