In need of an artist to create cover art/ scenes!

We need an artist to help create some art for our story. We will give the artist some information about some of the characters and we will review it. We are looking for an artist who would be willing to do all of our art cover/scenes, etc. We have no release time for the story so we have a lot of time to do it! Let us know what we can do to help!




I could do you an edited cover (:

I could also do edited art scenes with some SIMPLE custom facial expressions & poses that are merges of the episode ones.

I don’t know if you want edited art scenes or not though, you will have to pay someone commission if you want well drawn art scenes since it is very rare to find free people who do free well drawn art scenes (:

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Hey, Im an artist and I can do cover art and scenes, Please check out my Instagram @Fredaarts and DM me if you guys are interested.

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I could help, I have some examples but I have my whole things in my instagram @cherry_episodeok (is free)

phonto (2)

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Hi!! I dunno if you want to, but Im open for a commission. You can contact me on my instagram @ZamiraArts.

here are some samples. if you want more samples you can find them on this thread: πŸ‘‹β‰§β—‰α΄₯◉≦ Zamira Arts commission Shop ʕ‒́α΄₯‒̀ʔっ (OPEN) :blush: :blush:


Hey I can do some art scenes for free and comission one as well. The free one won’t be the best as for commision it will be the best I can doπŸ˜€

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hey, i’m open for commissions if you want one!
these are my examples-