In need of an Artist




I would like to Implement some art scenes into my story. I’ve already created decent Splashes and I’m satisfied with my cover as of now.

Here’s the thing.

The story I’m working on is no joke or short lived. It’s something I’ve put a lot of time and dedication into.
Now with that said, I’m looking for someone who can make Semi-realistic (by episode standards) art scenes for me. The style I’m going for is comic, exaggerated, and almost cartoony. Here are some examples, keep in mind I want the Episode art style Implemented.

I would need art scenes with action shots and exaggerated facial expressions. Like faces being smashed and squished weird. Shocked facial expression. And occasionally a casual art scene.

I’m looking for someone who’s interested and can make quality art. If you’re interested please reply below or PM me. I’ll ask for some example art so I can find a good fit!

I promise you; your work won’t go to waste and you will be credited. The story I’m working on is HUGE and I firmly believe it will be a great success. I want to share that success with an artist who’s just as passionate as I am. I’m not a newbie when it comes to quality of my stories. I’ve been silently working on this project for a while and I’ll need the art scenes for finishing touches.

Thank you,


I don’t think I have done something like this before but I can try…
U can see all my arts here :point_down:


I’m really desperate here. I’ve looked every including on multiple different social media platforms and I’ve even tried learning how to do digital art. I really need help eck


I would offer to do these for you, but I’m honestly unsure if my art would be good enough for it. I do have some examples if you’d like to see them to see if it is, though.


Yeah, let me see some examples :blush:
I’m sure they’re lovely


Okay, here you go. Some of them are traditional art but I’m showing you those for the more dynamic posing and facial expressions I’ve done.

Screaming girl






I’m unsure why, but the images keep messing up. I apologise.


That LOOKS good!!


WOW! You’re a great artist. I love your shading and porpotions. It’s really cute.

Do you think you’d be able to draw actions scenes? Punching, kicking, etc. because I know how hard it is to get the body positioning right and such.


Thank you! And I believe that I can. I wouldn’t mind drawing some even if you decide not to use them.


Here’s an example I did myself. This is sort of what I’m looking for. Goofy, comic styled, and exaggerated. I just don’t have enough time to judge writing and creating the art


Do you think you could do an example drawing for me? I want to get to know your art style a little more. If you need character pictures I can send you some so you can have a design


Some character pictures could be rather helpful.




They’re korean btw


Okay, I’ll start working on it then. Do you mind if the example drawing is in pencil? I of course could go in later on a digital program if you wanted me to, I more mean this for the posing/expressions, since you want them to be a bit cartoonish and all that.


I don’t mind!


Okay, I’ve gotten a sketch down. What do you think?


YAAAS. I love ittt. The art style is on point