In need of an edit for my personal instagram!


Hey guys! I really need some help, I want to post some thing on my personal Instagram and I really need an edit of 2 of my best friends, if you would do an edit for me please pm. They are really important to me and I forgot their friendaversary. Please help me!


Honestly I really need an episode version of them, just pm and I’ll send you pictures


Can if you give me more detail on what you need?


Ooh! I’m good at this. My Insta is EpisodeGirl5678 if you wanna talk.


honestly, I need this too!


I can do one!


:smiley: Really?


Of course! :wink: :smile:

Do you wanna see an example?


Sure! :blush:




Great! I would like you to make my insta edit :vulcan_salute: :smiley:


Okay, cool! DM me on Insta with some deets?


sure! what is your insta?






I DMed y ou


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: