In need of an edit or an art scene? Spots open: none



I can make backgrounds, overlays, covers, intro/outro/sound/warning cards, art scenes, pretty much anything! Currently, I can only upload one example of my art/edits, as other requests I’ve taken I have been asked not to share yet.

For this edit, I drew everything except the characters by hand with no reference. This is also an example for backgrounds. If you want more examples, than you can DM me on Instagram @zoe.episodeedits :slight_smile:


Hey! I’d like to make a request for a splash!


Currently I don’t have any open spots, but a spot will be freed soon enough! I’ll tell you as soon as I finish the art scene I’m currently working on, then I’ll be able to accept your request :blush::heart:


Thank you!


No problem!


If you still need a splash, I have one spot open xxx


Hey ZoeMP! :slight_smile:

I just would like to ask you that, can you make me art scenes or a big cover?

I can’t imagine how talented you are, I wish I could draw it like that. :frowning:


Is the spot still open?

If so I would like a art scene.


I actually got one made but thank you for telling me :heart:


No prob!


Omg tyyyyy! Of course I could! Please PM me the details xxx (also I’m not sure I’ll have the time to do both, but I can try)


Sure! Please PM me all details xxx


I really like your art, I would really love to request when you have a spot open!


Thank you so much, I wrote you in pm :slight_smile:


Of course! And thank you so much!


Sounds good! I have replied xxx


Hey @ZoeMP! I was wondering if there were any open spots on your waiting list. I have been looking everywhere for an art scene artist but none were as talented as you! :grin:
If you don’t have a spot open, I’ll wait because seriously your art scenes look REALLY good!! :grinning: :grinning:

XOXO~Purple_Sour_Bear~ :purple_heart:


Thank you so much! As of right now, there aren’t any spots available, but I’ll let you know when I open some up!


It’s ok! Thanks!