In need of an edit


I have a go to gal that I have do most of my work but I am looking for a second that can help take some of the load off her.

I am looking for something like the LEFT side of this photo without VERIZON in it and it saying DOMINIQUE calling.

So replace JEREMY HORWITZ with DOMINIQUE calling mobile with JUST calling. And take out the photo icon and VERIZON at the top.

Can anyone help? ***I do not need the right side. Also, can you do it as an overlay?


Hi! I can help!


Hi THANKS! I would like this one as it has the speaker button in use. Also, wha name do I credit for edit?


Credit @_itsmoonlight.epy on Instagram (with an underscore at beginning and end. :+1:


@(underscore)itsmoonlight.epy(underscore) ??


Yeah, I know it’s difficult, thanks!


Have you completed this?


Almost done!


Here! Anything you need changed? Like the font?.


Yeah slight change. I would like the font changed to closely match the example (if you can) but also INSTEAD of it saying CALLING MOBILE can it JUST say CALLING…

Otherwise it looks GREAT!

OH!!! The time! Can you remove that? I’m sorry I should have caught that earlier. The call is coming in in a morning time setting.



Sure! I couldn’t find a font but i’ll try!


No biggie on the font. Maybe make it a smidge smaller – That will be fine.


Should I get someone else to complete this? I just needed a few edits from what you have already done. Thank you.