In need of an episode cover for my new story!

Hello! I’m in need of an episode story cover. I’m working on an episode story now and hoping to publish the first 3 episodes by the end of February. (I’m hoping someone can make me a simple cover for free) Here are the details:

-Story is called: Secrets and lies
By Victoria

  • Description: After your dad was murdered, you and your mom move to Pennsylvania to start a new life. What happens when the night of the first day of school someone gets murdered? Can you trust anyone?


-Genre: Mystery

I don’t mind what the cover looks like. I don’t mind the cover being hand drawn or just any characters on the cover. The cover should have a girl with blond hair, and blue eyes. She can be wearing anything that a normal teenager would wear. Since the story’s mystery try making it look mysterious. If you can could you make a caution sign in the back with blood and police officers? The caution sign is like the tape they use to cover a crime scene.

Thank you in advance!


Hey! You can request at an art shop!

List Of Open Art Shops!

And Remember no thread hopping!


I can help :slightly_smiling_face:

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