In need of an Ink edit

I’m in biiiiig need of an Ink edit, one male character, can anyone help me out? :pray:

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Do you have any examples? :relaxed:

Your work looks really good! I would love if you would make an edit for me :heart_eyes:

Character details: Body: toffee
Brow: Bushy wide
Hair: black, boy bun
Eyes: black, round piercing
Face: defined triangle
Nose: button
Lips: mocha, uneven

Can he sit on some stairs and hold a cigarette and have a devilish smile on his face?

thank you so much for helping me :two_hearts:

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Sounds good, thank you :two_hearts:

He has the rose tattoo on the one arm but he’s shirt do so we can see it :slight_smile:

Not exactly the same but something like that, please

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It’s totally fine☺️

It looks perfect, thank you! Whixk name should I use when I credit you?

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