In need of an outfit creator! [Found one, closed!]

I’m in need of an outfit creator for my INK story! If you’re interested you can PM me or email me


Hi! I’m really interested and would like to help! Can you please tell me what your story is about and what outfits you need? I really want to help because I love outfits! If you want I could send you some pictures of it!


I would really like to apply for this job/place in your story. I love to design outfits for characters especially ink characters. If you are interested in hiring me then email me at


I’d love to be your outfit creator! I just need a brief description of the character and other stuff. Contact me at or PM me.


Heya! I’m really interested as I did this already to more than ten people before and it was so much fun! Message me if your offer still stands or if I’m not accepted! :smile:

My email:

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