In need of an overlay - BASILISK

Hello there lovely people,

I would love to ask someone, if it would be possible to make me a Basilisk overlay.
I have a certain idea in mind, so I am posting a photo of a similar Basilisk.

I would love if the light shades of blue could be some vibrant green and the rest black or so. Credit will be given.

Here comes my question…
Do you think, that I can use the picture for an overlay, if I (of course) give the credit to original owner? (Original owner is: Ana A. A. -

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Hi Fishie,

You’d have to get permission from the artist or purchase it from them. Afterwards, you’ll need to submit a ticket. Otherwise simply giving credit would be not allowed.

Basilisks are pretty cool though!


Thank you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you, I had no idea, now I am glad I asked.
Yes, they are, I am fascinated by them :slight_smile:

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