In need of an underworld background

Hello everyone i’m writing a fantasy story about wolfs, vampires and demons and I am in need of an underworld (hellish) background. Is there anyone that can help me out🙏🏽


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Unrelated but mind tagging me once you publish? No pressure!

@Salbat.Author The story is already published😊 it has 9 chapters left to be completed. The name of my story is “Fate of Miracle”

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Awesome, thanks!

I have a few in one of my paid drives. If you’re interested, it is a one off payment for permanent access :blush: you can DM me for access and payment info.

This is them, so that you know what they are like. There are also heaven ones.

Unfortunately I don’t have any money😭but thank you

Hi @Episode.shorty I can try to help make you a underworld. If your still up

I am doing background for free

I am free at the moment

All I will needed is:

How much background you wanted:

What you wanted on background:

Color of background you wanted it to looks like:

Background size numbered that you wanted background to be: Example


Anything else:

Hello @Kande10 I would like two underworld backgrounds like a hellish surrounding. One should be like a hell forest and the other like a hell room with a stone bed in the middle.
Both two panel (1280×1136)

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Hi @Episode.shorty i understand i can try to do that for you

Also one question when you mean stone bed is it like vampire bed you mean right or different bed just trying not get confused just making sure

@Kande10 Yes a vampire bed

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Thanks you so much and alright i remember and i also start with sketch and then i put evrrything together and stuff that you have ask me to do. It might take a while but i will see