In need of art! (payments?)

so im in need of an art piece
I’m hoping for it to be 2 characters but it might be 1

I cant pay in real money cause well im broke
although i can give gems through episode

Im willing to spend about 25 gmes on your story so it’ll keep you in rank and may get you to unlock payments!

If any commisoned artist has a story please do let me know i really need this!

ive been working on my story for a long while!!

please help!!

i dont mind if its a regular LL style or tour style!!

seems likea good way cause it might unlock payments

Tags: @KylieJay @caitlindrewthis


i might be able to help
message me (i don’t have a story published for germ choices yet so will be free)

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thank you for the tag but i don’t accept gems as a form of payment <3

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aww no prob

Thanks for the tag! Unfortunately I can’t accept gems as payment either :pensive:

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If you still need help with art I can help, I guess :thinking: