In need of ART SCENE artist!

Hi guys, I’m writing a story and I would need an artist for art scenes. I really liked the type I saw in story “The Teacher”, but the author of those is not responding to me, so I’m looking for someone who can do anything realistic :laughing:
These are examles by @ck_artdesign that I liked

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I saw someone do something similar, eh…

I’ll tag her anyways…


Sorry for tagging you if you didn’t wanna be… <3


Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem sweetie! :slight_smile:

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I’m not taking commissions at the moment but thank you @Toxic.Dreams for thinking of me! :hearts:


Do you know somebody who is good?

A lot of these types of artists, do this type of work for payment, as it probably is their job. There are a lot of wonderful artists on the forums who do artwork for free, but none (I’ve seen) are like this type of style… There are a lot of artists who do this type of style but you’ll have to be willing to pay for it.


As @Stargazer54 said, most people who draw at this level & quality won’t do it for free because it takes many hours to complete. But there’s many great artists on the forums who do things for free and maybe as they develop their skill, they’ll be able to draw you realistic stuff in the future! Good luck in your search :hearts:


@Stargazer54 @mere.creates yeah I understand. It doesn’t have to be this level, but I would like it to be as realistic as it gets :smiley:


Hi, I know I’m 27 days late, but I’d recommend looking for someone to commission on websites like DeviantArt and Instagram. I’m sure you can find people at the same skill level as the artist for The Teacher. (She’s currently taking a very long break from art and that’s probably why she never responded!)

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Thank you very much

If you still need someone maybe i could help ill put some of my work below in a minute

This is my newest piece of art:


Hi, can you maybe show me some more art, I’d like to see the faces. The body work is good :smiley: you can write me in my inbox

Im in the process of making a face drawing for someone so when i have completed it i could show you? Xx

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Yes sure :smiley:

These look very real, but I don’t think they match episode style very much. But thank you so much for offering :smiley:

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I can do commissions. Check out my IG : @ana_.draws_ to look at my work and style :slight_smile:

Hate to burst your bubble, but commissions using episode content isn’t allowed

No it’s okay
I use references not episode content .
By the way what do you mean by episode content can you be more clear please? :slightly_smiling_face: