In need of artist

Hi guys so I need an artist that can do make all my backgrounds,splashes and covers,overlays,etc so if you know a really good artist please shout them out

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Thanks. I would love to help if you would like me too.

Yes i would love you too

do you have any examples that you could show me

Yes one sec.

Here they are.

those are amazing


do you have like a google form or anything

I can start a message with you. I don’t have one up currently. We can do it all in a pm

ok I’ll send a link to the doc with all the character details,clothing details,how the cover will look and is there a line up of other people who needs things done by do

No. I only have one other one to do. So I would start working on it probably the day after Christmas. Because the rest of today and tomorrow I’ll be doing family stuff.


I have one already but if I need something done I’ll ask you

Hey do you think you’re free to start my cover for my story because I have episode 1-4 and I don’t want to publish it without the covers

Yes I can start on it. I just need the info


hey I sent you the link it’s below so whenever you have time