In need of artist

Yes. I just got it. I’m starting on it as soon as my phone charges


Hey how’s the cover going I hope it’s not too hard for you to do

Not at all. It will be done by Tuesday at the latest.


Ok perfect

It says I need access to the document… I gotta see it to finish it

I just gave access


What’s the title? It won’t let me see it for some reason.

Falling for Him

Thanks. I could only see falling. Lol

Oh kk

It will gen done later today probably. If not like 15 mins.

Small cover. How is this?

Yes I love it

You need a late too right?

If you mean a large cover then yes and for that one an you use the alley way background you can use the one I put in the doc you would just have to resize it and can you add one gun to each side of the characters

Yes. I can. Can you send me the alleyway here? I can’t click it to upload on the doc.

Kk hold on a sec