In need of artwork for my story

Hey guys, now we’re on lock down, I’ve started to write my story again as i lost motivation before so I was wondering if someone could make me a small, large, intro and outro artwork.
If you’re interested please say so and send an example of your work, thanks again xx :hugs: :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Depends on what you want? I’d love to help!
Here’s something I did for my Episode story, and some art I just did on my spare time:

Episode edit

Just random art


Hey, well i was thinking about having my 4 main characters, in the episode style so they still look like the characters, for the covers and then the 2 main-main (i guess) characters for the intro/outro scene :heart:
The random art is really good by the way :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks! Alright, walk me through it then! How’s the large cover and the small cover? And the intro/outro?

Hey, do you charge for your art?

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Sometimes, depends on how much I have to do. But I can do free art as well! Why? Do you want something done?

If it’s something that would take a lot of work, have a look at this:

So i was thinking about keeping it kind of basic so for the small cover, have the two guys kind of central and then have the two girls in front of them but make them shorter so you can still see the guys and they’d be posing.
For the large cover i was thinking having the two girls on the left side and then the two guys on the right side with the same poses as the small cover.
For the into/outro, i wanted the girls with one of their arms on the other ones shoulders

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No sorry was looking for someone who could do it for free :smiley:

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What about backgrounds? And what’s their poses?

I do edits for free lol no worries!

Okay cool!

Can you do edits like tis? Kind of the style I was going for, if you cant, no worries!! :heart:

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Never done it but I can sure try! Let’s start with the big cover: you said it’s the two girls on the left posing and the two guys on the right also posing, what’s their pose? And the background or any other details?

I can help with it. You can message me or put a request in my thread.

Awesome so glad you want to give it a try! For the background I was thinking episodes own EXT. GRIFFITH PARK - DAY
For the poses, I’d like one of the girls to flirt_coy and eyes_closed and for the guys, one to be blush and the other to be kiss_cheek_receive_selfie

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Hey, i think im going to stick with Vampyrate for now but i might come to you in the near future for some backgrounds :grin:

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Nice I like this, go ahead and send me the info of the characters. Like what they look like or their actual avatars or smth?

Ok cool sending the details over

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Cassidy (girl whos eyes_closed)
Olive skin
Defined Natural brows
Beach wave black hair
Round Classic Green eyes
Oval face shape
Elven nose
Full round ruby red

Cassidys clothes:
Lace Bustier
Leather leggings - black

Jessica (who’s flirt_coy)
Olive skin
Seductive round eyebrows
Long feathered black hair
Round bold black (NOT HICKORY) eyes
Soft heart face
Perky nose
Classic ruby red lips

Jessicas clothes:
Cabernet string tank top
Light steel blue high waisted pants
Moon necklace (COMPULSORY)

Chase: (whos blush)
Tan skin
Medium sharp eyebrows
Short cropped platinum blonde hair
Round piercing blue eyes
Defined triangle face
Button nose
Uneven toffee lips

Chases clothes:
Chincilla grey henley shirt
Black tight pants

Damon (whos kiss_cheek_recieve_selfie)
Caramel skin
Medium sharp eyebrows
Short cropped black hair
Round piercing white
Defined triangle
Button nose
Uneven terracotta

Damon clothes:
Slate grey henley shirt
Ripped punk pants

Also I was hoping to have Jessica on the left facing right and the Cassidy next to Jessica facing right and then on the right side i’d like Chase first facing left and then Damon next to Chase facing left

Hope all the details are clear if not , i’ll explain again :heart:

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Alright I’ll get cracking! I’ll let you know if I have any questions or smth