In need of assistance with cover and maybe art scenes


I am wanting a few ‘special art scenes’ in my story and a catchy cover. Maybe even a end of chapter thank you with social media outlets. I hope that all makes sense.

My story is about twin sisters and one takes the place of another. One is an average sister and one married money. Maybe a mirror with the plain sister looking into the mirror with the money sister looking back.

EDIT ** Can anyone make a cut scene of a cell phone showing “Dom Calling”?

I’m looking for a more tweaked version of my cover. Also I’m looking for some end of chapter “Thanks for reading” with my avatar.


Episode harmony can


Thanks. Do they have a thread or do I DM them? I’m new to all this.


Id love to help!




Here you go


I was looking into your thread. It confuses me a bit. LOL


Can you tell me in which psrt confuses you :thinking: and i totally get it, even my sister was confused by it


How to request.


Just pm me the details, reference and how you want it too look like


@PurelySIMple The_Art_Sisters can help you!