In need of background characters for my story!

Hey, if you want to be the background character in my story, send your character details and tell me if you want me to credit you! :smiling_face:

Is it for Ll?


Ok, here’s mine

And I would like to be credited please. You can credit me from the forums or Insta (my username is the same on here)

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Thank you! Should I credit you as @Jpassen_episode?

No problem and she did make the character card for me so if you want to

Okay, understood:)


If you needed character
Yes, you can use them again in the future for more of your stories
you can choose any role.
Yes you can change their eye color

Daisy Character

Screenshot (767)

Daisy is Yarissa sister

Yarissa Character

Screenshot (770)

Yarissa is Daisy sister
Yarissa is in a relationship with Martin Jr

Martin Jr Character

Martin Jr is dating Yarissa

Gustavo Character

Gustavo best friend is: Daisy

Landon Character

Landon he has a twin brother: this name is Luke

Luke Character

Luke, he has a twin brother: this name is Landon

My Instagram at daisy.rodriguezepisode for daisy, Gustavo, Landon, Luke Characters and tag my sister Characters with her boyfriend card at Instagram tag me when you published your story also you could change any outfits you like :smiley:

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This is my character details :blush:
My Instagram - black_ep10 of you wanna credit me

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credit isn’t needed, but if you want to my insta is @purplerosewrites

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If you can have them date that would be great, if not best friends is fine too :relaxed:
Credit Instagram @ryder_epii

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if your using you can just credit using my forum name

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Hey! What lips are you using for Kymanie? Btw, thank you for sending your characters details!

full round pouty (neutral medium nude) so sorry

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