In Need of Background Characters [INK + LIMELIGHT STYLE]

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So far I have a majority of female background characters. If you have male characters too feel free to add them here :wink:


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Sure you can use them in future stories and your current stories.(But for my character may be abit sensitive abit lol. So like preferably no kissing my character like that haha. But if as a supporting good friend then okay :smiley: )


Body : Gold02

Brow : Round Medium (Black Dark)

Hair : Bald

Eyes : Round Medium (Brown Black)

Face : Heart Soft

Nose : Round Button

Lips : Small Heart (Beige Light Gold Matte)

Outfit :
-Hijab Cotton Grey Dark
-Crew T Shirt Cotton White
-Long Double Button Coat Cashmere Grey Black
-Jogger Sweatpants Tie Waistband Khaki Grey Black
-Booties Ankle Leather Black



Body: Honey
Brow : Define Natural
Hair : Side Head Scarf (Black)
Eyes : Round Bold (Hickory)
Face : Oval
Nose : Aquiline
Lips: Blossom Lips (Taupe)

Outfit :

  • Black Belted Sweater Dress
  • Workout Pants (Black)
  • Author Outfit Slouchy Socks (White)
  • Black Canvas Shoe
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Feel free to use my characters :wink::blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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name: Alakai

outfit: whatever you want

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:heart_eyes: A male character! Thank you!!!

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Summer, age 20, she/her/hers.

CHARACTER DETAILS: Vegetarian. English major. Bisexual. I take antidepressants for my issues lmao.

PERSONALITY: I would describe myself as compassionate, intelligent, and strong-willed. I love to read and write. My sense of humor is pretty dry/deadpan, but people always tell me I’m hilarious.

BACKSTORY: I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, but I’m currently studying in Minneapolis, MN. I hope to be an English professor one day. I have an older brother but we aren’t very close.

Let me know if you need anything else! I look forward to reading your story.

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