In Need Of Background Characters LL x

In need of background characters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (Male And Female)drop down your character information and a role, as well as personality traits and how you would like to be credited.
Choose A Job Role
2 pilots(OPEN)
3 Car sales employees (OPEN)
4 Models (1 available)
1 Shop Keeper (OPEN)
1 Baby sitter (OPEN)
3 Children (OPEN)
1 Pregnant lady(OPEN)

password your Zodiac

Be sure to follow me @episode.kyra.b for updates


is this for ink or limelight? :innocent:

limelight sorry i should’ve mentioned that

haha, it’s okay, no worries! i’ll send in my details right now! :innocent:

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Role: Models

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Thank you, what sort of personality does she have

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Sarcastic, down-to-Earth, bold and caring.

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If it’s for limelight, I’m in :heart:
I would love to play as a model
And for credits, tag my IG account :- tia_episode_writer

Here is the how I look like:-

  1. Skin color:- neutral 2
  2. Body shape:- Female Athletic Body
  3. Eyebrows shape:- Arched Nautural
  4. Eyebrow color:- Chestnut Brown
  5. Hair style:- Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
  6. Hair color:- Medium Brown
  7. Eye shape:- Deepest Downturned
  8. Eye color:- Blue Green
  9. Face shape:- Diamond
  10. Nose shape:- Defined Natural
  11. Lip shape:- Small Heart
  12. Lip color:- Dark Red Matte

And that’s all

She is caring, lovely, friendly, and makes what she think is good for her and others

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password: aries :wink:
credit: my forums username is fine :) (@rleyva)

  • let me know if the image doesn’t show up, so i can fix it!

hope this helped. :blob_hearts:

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Thank you,that’s perfect x

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should I send a Screenshot?

Would you like the name to be yours (Tia) :sparkling_heart:

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of course, no problem! :revolving_hearts:

yes :purple_heart:

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yes please

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OK, 1 min

Here it is :sparkling_heart:

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