In need of background,overlay,art scene,edit, hope in here!

Hello everyone We @Madhu @Hailey26 @deepa1 @KayKangaroo @SID_186.

BROUGHT YOU @episode.royalpixie. It is a Instagram page which help you in many ways.

You can always hop in here when you need any kinda background, overlays, art scene. We also do proofreading, review , shout outs,weekly recommendations, contests and many more things which will help your story to come in limelight and will give your story unique backgrounds and overlays.

Do check it out. Hope you will like it.



This for all styles.
And this is our linktree.


Ehm… this is the wrong category…

There is no examples of your work.

We are sorry about that we have just started this work… if you need examples of our work I’ll DM you

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That’d be great.

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One of the art edit done by our water pixie!



:heart_eyes: It’s looks good.

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yes. So if u want one, U can click our link. or follow us at IG @episode.royalpixies

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You can also give your stories for proofreading shout outs… And there will be contest held every week or month.

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Yep what she said. @SID_186 update the first post with our link.

@Sydney_H Is this in the correct category? If it’s wrong we are sorry, we are new.

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I changed the cat to general chat I guess it’s fine…!?

It should be in Art Resources

Kay thank you … I’ll change the cat… :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Hello guyz once again… I am gonna upload few examples of our original work…

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This is a trial room here… :hugs::hugs::hugs::sparkling_heart: Hope you like it…

I’m not necessarily in need of a background, but I can’t figure out how to size the backgrounds I would like to use correctly. As someone who makes backgrounds I was wondering if you had any advice. thank you!

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Heya @casuallylaughs… You can use photo resizer app for resizing your backgrounds. If you need one panel then resize it into 640×1136 l… If you need two panel then 1280×1136… And if you need three then 1920×1136… (hope that helps and you are most welcome to ask for help )

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Hey, I’m looking for an artist who can create some art scenes and a art covers for my new story. You can contact me on Instagram @episode.niyah

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