In need of background plss

i need background for a science lab like someone that could be stuck in a lab tube. AND more science lab overlays/backgrounds

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Hi! I don’t know if you’re still looking but I think I found what you’re looking for, just follow the persons rules.

Here is the link

Hope this helps :blush:

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You can also check here too: Looking for High Technology AND Laboratory/Offices for Investigation Backgrounds

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And lastly too, if you’re still looking for more I suggest you typing on google science lab background and our episode interactive and you’ll see some good backgrounds here in the forms that people may have posted!

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Please, don’t do that. Always search for backgrounds that are allowed to share or use. At least search for backgrounds that you can credit. Just to be sure you’re not getting sued by the artist. For backgrounds I always go to, to be safe and if I can’t find anything over there → here on the forum there are enough artists who’d like to help out with backgrounds for free (or commissions). What I try to say is backgrounds from google are mostly copyrighted, so you can get sued when you use it without their knowledge.

I understand that but I wasn’t like talking about like Pinterest and the other ones. Like whenever I’m looking for something (like a question) I say how to make a choice episode interactive and it shows the episode forums, and I click on it and sometimes it has my answers to my question .if that kinda makes sense?:smiling_face_with_tear:

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I understand. And to be honest, I also searched on google in the past. But I stopped doing that when they reviewed my stories a few times. (Luckily never got banned. :woman_facepalming: Just needed to change a few little things.) They never pointed it out, but just as a precaution: never think to easy about backgrounds. Most artists work their a**es out for their art, so, if you are going to use backgrounds without crediting the artist it’s like art theft. Art theft definitely hurts the artist. It’s like someone else writes exactly the same story, you just published, and publish it under their name (Same kind of art, same kind of storyline, same kind of characters, exactly a copy of your story, but published under someone else’s name). That is hurtful for you as an author. Just as an advice, it’s good you ask advice over here. If you need backgrounds ask them over here or search on :wink: Overlays use pixabay, ask over here or also :wink: And don’t forget to credit the artist.

Love A-W

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