In need of backgrounds and overlays! :-)

Hello! I’m new to writing and I really enjoy it so far, I just feel like a lot of the backgrounds and overlays aren’t working for my story.

I need:
A school corridor, and one that is exactly the same but with one open locker.
A locker overlay, so you can see from inside the locker and look out at the character collecting their things
A modern bedroom, like a bright nice bedroom with a nice big window and light neutral furniture (day, night and night with light on)
Dripping blood overlay, like a whole strip och dripping blood
A bed from above
A bloody bed from above
A crib background or overlay, both works fine, preferably a classic old fashioned beautiful crib
Blush overlay

Does anyone know any free backgrounds and overlays like this? Or is anyone willing to make one or some for me? I don’t really know how to get around here yet and have found it kinda hard to find ready stuff for free. I appreciate the help! Thank you :slight_smile:

I can help you with any of the home interior stuff. Like bedrooms and stuff like that!


Thank you!! They all look so amazing omg you’re so good ! Should I pm you or? :slight_smile:

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Yeah you can, and thank you very much!