In need of backgrounds rn


Hey!!! I´m kinda new here and I really hope someone could share different backgrounds :slight_smile: I also would like if someone help me creating a background!! If you can, please answer here :slight_smile: I don´t have idea of the background´s topic :frowning: Later on, I will post the conditions of the background.
NEEDING HELP RN :sob::sob:


I can help


I can try to help as well if you need it


OHHH thank u. Look, I will like to have this kind of background…
*Boy´s room
*Clean room
*Day and Night backgrounds
*Smth normal tho (bed, window, etc…)
Can u hepl me with that? :grin::grimacing::pray:


Just posted the conditions!! :slight_smile: Hope you can help me


Let me know if you need any help @KACKZI I’ll gladly help but I don’t want to step on your toes… lol


OOh, hold on. I use to look everywhere for episode backgrounds, i found tons on like a google forum. I also had loads of links to cool backgrounds, non hidden and not available on episode, possibly a few are, but most of these are edited and in the episode style, All credit goes to them. Let me try and find them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

#8 theres one. ill try dig the rest out, this was way before like before ink and limelight were released soooo :sweat_smile:


Try google images. I always find terrific backgrounds on there.


If only i hadn’t reset my laptop… but i did find this Instagram page, @backgrounds.episode i use to use them, they also have a drive of all the backgrounds on their page so if u wanna have a look yh, bathrooms, bedrooms u name it, heres the link: im tired its 12:56am ignore my grammar k i promise im not some 12 year old :joy::smiley:


yessss ikr, 3d model backgrounds, 3D BACKGROUNDS HOUSE.GARDEN/BEDROOM or the rlly useful 3D or just backgrounds interior/exterior bedroom etc. its the Same as Episode (INT) (EXT) interior/exterior


Thank you so, so much :relieved::relieved::raised_hands:


Oh, I didn’t know that!! Really, thanks!!! :smile::smile: I’ll try it


Happy to help! :kissing_heart: