In need of backgrounds!

Hey thanks for checking in, I would like to request some backgrounds if anyone is willing to do it.
I would like 3 backgrounds.


1. Can I have a background that is a girl bedroom will the walls light blue and baby blue and I would like a poster that shows a soccer ball on it and a soccer ball that is on the ground?

2. Another girl bedroom with a table that holds make up, and perfumes. with a light mirror. Can the color of the wall be light pink.

3. Lastly I would like another girl bedroom that has a rose poster on it, a desk, a book shelf and a poster that shows a picture of a princess.

Thanks for doing this and I would give out credit too. :blush:


I think that @inkbabie would be good at this. :heart:

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Im on it <3


I actually find someone to do it but thank you anyways. :slightly_smiling_face:

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eh I made these already but its fine if you don’t need them :smiley: