In need of backgrounds


(Before we start I don’t really know where to post this so sorrry about that)

Hey lovelies, I want to use my own backgrounds for my upcoming story but just have not figure out best possible way. I tried looking for some through google(not many options), pinterest (it look horrible after resizing)…and I don’t want to “borrow” (take from some group or thread and give credit) during the whole story. Do you have some tips for me, please?

Anne x


Look up anime backgrounds?? They look close to Episode style backgrounds… just a thought…


You can download an art tool and practice from there. Or if you like you can ask someone to make one for you. I make backgrounds if you need help.


Thats a great idea, just dont know any other place except from google…


Google is what I use to get all my backgrounds… as long as it doesn’t have a watermark it will be good…


And you put image size too or you just download and then resize it? I am asking cause when I try to find one with episode size Its too hard to find a good one.


I resize them myself normally… I can help you if u want… I don’t mind


I will pm you cause I have few more questions, or do you prefer instagram?


Either way… insta name is Chay_epsisoe_615