In need of backround

I’m in need of a gate background
Something a little bit like is:


I will credit you.


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Wow, that was fast!

That background looks just like this one on the cover of dwa królestwa bitwa o duszę człowieka - graham powell - ebook :thinking:

But I could be wrong because I’m sure you got it from a website that allows images free of use, or made it yourself using an editing program, probably just a coincidence but if not, then it’s best not to use that image since problems may occur.
P.S be careful when using images from online because of copyright.


So, you got it from a website that allows images free of use? Which website? :thinking:

Sorry, to ask all these questions, I think the background looks cool, too, and would love to use, but I need to confirm the source where it originates from

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And why not? :thinking:

I would love to know exactly where it came from :smile:

Oh no, you don’t need an url for it or anything like that. Just the name of the website will do :slight_smile:
I can try looking for it on my own by typing in some key words related to that picture ^^

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maybe try using sites like pixabay and pexels. Joseph Evans has a video on where to get backgrounds from!


They’re looking out for you. You could get sued due to copyright laws and plus imagine someone taking credit for your hard work…it would suck. I hope you don’t feel offended. It’s all for your benefit, so you can stay out of a lawsuit that could be avoided.

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Love Joseph Evans :black_heart:

Episode life has the best backgrounds.

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@Bossyroxy411 to find this background/ make it, you’d have to have elements from google sites at least- I don’t think you had them all on your desktop randomly. (Now, this isn’t to make you feel bad in anyway.)
You can go to your history to find the site if you can’t find it- I’m not sure I’d believe it if you said you clear your browsing data every 5 minutes-
We’re only here to look out for you. I have made backgrounds from non-commercially free images before and it’s not a good outcome, and I deeply regret my actions.
It’s really a mess, even if Episode doesn’t see it, if it’s revealed, they could get sued, you could get sued, stories can be banned-it’s not good.
So, I’m sorry for the inconvenience,
(And, I agree with others- I incorporate PEXELS and PIXABAY into my background making which is super helpful!)
Toasty x

On a side note, Jem, how do you even find this stuff? Your web browsing and searching skills- :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Alright then- I’ll just refer to what people above have said.
Good day.


Thank you! :grinning:

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