In Need Of Banners ❤️

Hey guys :blush: Like the title says, I need three banners. I want the banners done by today :grin:

Here is the deets for the banners:

Banner 1

- Says, “Kit Kat’s Honest Story Reviews :heart:” (The emoji is optional)

- Can be any font but it has to look elegant

- Has to have a purple background

Banner 2

- Says, “Rules”

- Can be any font

- Can be any background but it has to have the same theme s the first one

Banner 3

- Says, “Waiting list”

- Any background but it has to be the same theme as the first one and second one

- It can be any font

That is it! I need it by today. :blush: Thank u in advance for your help and have a great day :heart:

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Or white lol

Something like that?

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I like the second one :blush: also the banners have to be size: 2939x1065

I’ll see what I can do then ahah

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Ok thank u :grin:


Is that what you wanted? Should I change something?

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No it’s perfect! Thank u so much :heart::heart::blush::blush:

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No problem :slight_smile:

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