In need of Beach story recommendations!

I’m just really in the mood for something beachy and intriguing! I just read Loose Lips Sink Ships by Darcie.Episode and it got me wanting more of that vibe! Just the whole beach aura caught me. I’m not an author, just a binge reader!

Perhaps these may interest you?

Try this one

My story is about a mermaid going on land and it mostly happens on a beach, maybe it would be interesting for you. Here are the details in case you’d like to try it out.

Title: The Water Tale
Genre: Adventure
Type: Romance
CC: Yes
Choices: Yes
Gems: A few
Story type: Short story
Numbers of episodes out: 6
Description: On her 18th birthday, Aurora decides to go in quest of her origins. Her path will lead her to a lot of new things, but one thing will change her forever… the surface.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

My Instagram: @aimeestories

Hope you’ll like it :grin: