In Need of Beta Readers! (4 or 5 People!)

Hello! I would like to have some beta readers for my story “Irresistible Desires.”

I’m not sure how this works considering my story is already published, so if someone is interested and wants to explain that to me, i’d appreciate it :sob:

I know beta readers give you feedback and tell you errors they found or things that might make it better, but I saw something about making a google form/survey for them to fill out. Do I have to do that as well?

Regardless, if you’re interested in being a beta reader, here’s a small blurb about my story…

This story contains:

  • FULL CC (name as well) of the main character
  • Limited CC of siblings
  • FULL CC of parents
  • FULL CC of love interest
  • Tons of advanced directing is used
  • Choices matter
  • Points system

Because the story is so “developed” now, considering the fact that there’s 7 episodes out, I can’t change genders or roles THAT much. In the future, though, there will be sexuality changes and people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community who mains meet!


BACKGROUND - Devyn (MC Default Name), Noah (MC Brother), Myles (MC LI), and Adri (Myles’s Sister) have been best friends since they were little. Devyn’s family then moved to Florida, and stayed there until their children went into college. Devyn and her brother moved back to their childhood home in Belhaven, California (all four’s hometown) to start their college life.

DESCRIPTION - You reunite with your childhood bestfriend after a harsh breakup. He becomes your ultimate safe place as the two of you get closer and closer. Once you find out his dirty secrets, is he really as safe as you thought?

Honestly, I just need a few beta readers and someone to explain this to me lmaooo. Thank you!

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you still need one? if yes, i’d love to help :heart:


Yes! If you can help that would be wonderful. My story is published so you’d have to use passes.
I’m going to try and put together a google doc of my episodes, but that will include coding, branching, etc. so it might be easier for you to read on the app.
But, if you can read code like that, drop your insta handle and I’ll DM you w info <3


ooh my insta is @kaithelyn_writes :heart:


DM’d you :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hey! If you still need anyone, I could read the code. :blush::eyes:

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What’s your instagram? I’ll DM you with details

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@ssea.episode :blush::eyes:

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DM’d you :cherry_blossom:

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