In need of Beta readers!

I am in need of 3 maybe 4 beta readers!

I have written the first chapter of my story but I would really appreciate some feedback before I begin writing Chapter 2. (It’s roughly a 10 minute chapter).

It’s a limelight fantasy/romance so preferably, beta readers who enjoy that sort of genre but honestly I would appreciate any feedback.
Please ignore the sound and music - I have yet to finish that part of the chapter.

Please PM me your feedback, Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What’s the story’s name?

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I just read and I loved it… perfect grammar and overlays.

It’s so good! There are just a few tiny things I noticed:

  • the “Well” is capitalized when Fleur is in Jamal’s office at the beginning
  • the whereas I,as usual , should have a space after the first comma and no space before the second one (beginning of the art gallery scene
  • Fleur could you come here please should have a comma after Fleur (right after ^)

Can’t wait to read the rest :slight_smile:

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It isn’t published yet. But it will be called Magical Wonder.

Thank you :grinning:

Made me feel more at ease about it, I’ve re-written the episode 4 times!

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Thank you for the feedback!

I’ll amend those mistakes :slightly_smiling_face:

Once I’ve finished Chapter 2 I will probably feel the need for another beta test if you are interested?

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For sure! Just reply to this so I get the notif when you have the next chapter availible :smile:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I didn’t want the first 3 chapters to be short or to drag on so I’m glad it was a good length.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile:

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