In need of bg help

As you can see some alcohol bottles in left corner, so episode won’t approve them. Can someone edit the alcohol bottles? Your help would mean a lot.
Also if you can, give me the night version of this bg.
Thank you in advance!

Not sure how to do night…but I tried to get the bottles out : )

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You could use the effect dim overlay for the night. It’s helpful imo

I can help.All u have to do is poat a request in my art shop!!

Thank you so much.

I tried :confused:

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thank you so much for helping

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How do you want me to credit you?

How should I credit you?

@ typingliz on instagram would be cool :smiley: :blush:

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No credit is needed, like that is fine :relaxed:. Happy to help

Thank you so much, you are really kind.

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