In need of blanket overlay and bed background!

Does anyone have a bed background preferably white sheets and a pink blanket?

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@lonewolfe has one I believe :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you I’ll reach out to them.

Thank you

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hello guys i need help, so i uploaded some bed overlays from google but when i try to add them to my overlays i can’t find them , i don’t know why ?
if someone can help me please or someone who can send me some bed overlays i can use.

This are mine.

@CHARACTER spot 0.730 461 357 and CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER is lay_asleep_loop


I don’t have pink blanket, but I use floral quilt for a purple bedroom.


@overlay (OVERLAYNAME)create
@overlay (OVERLAYNAME) shifts to 0 0 in 0 (move where you want to be)
@overlay (OVERLAYNAME) scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0 (make it how big/small you want it)
@overlay (OVERLAYNAME) opacity 1 in 0
@overlay (OVERLAYNAME) moves to layer 0 (0 if you want your CHARACTER to be in front of it)

Thank you if I decide to use one, do I just give credit to @AdyElly?

Can put my Instagram account: @episode.adyelly :hugs:

Okay I’ll be sure to put it in, keep an eye out for it on my story The Four Sided Mask

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