In Need Of Bus Backgrounds (Row and Two Seats)

Hey there. I need help finding some bus backgrounds including the full row of seats, and two seats in the row. Anything will work as long as it’s a bus. :smile:

not much on


Thank you! Do you have 2 seats in the row?

no, this is all i found. Hm, check with @CoraMae @FlowerGriefer, not sure if @amepisode has any.


Hey I made myself a bus background, I knew you gets your needed background but If you want to see one more mine

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Sorry I don’t understand…

@Orangeweedie1998 made a background and wonder if u want to see it to see if u would like to maybe use it or not.

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Exactly I made a background of bus interior you can use it if you want some variation
Here it is

If you decided to use it Then don’t forget to credit me on my Instagram @orangeweedie.episode

actually it’s an overlay and I also have seat that’s go with it

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Omg, it’s so cool! Can I use it? If yes, Could you send me overlays of the seats? I will credit you when using :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure I’ll pm you the seats

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Hi!! I was wondering if you still had this background and overlays? thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I do. Do you still need them?